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  • Windows XP
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Professional PPT to Flash conversion with animation, interactivity preserving.

More author programs

iSpring Pro is an advanced PowerPoint to Flash converter with e-learning authoring functionality. Creating online Flash presentations and eLearning courses with iSpring is easy really quick, and doesn't require any programming skills. iSpring Pro preserves every aspect of your original PowerPoint content, including animations, transitions effects and appearance of PowerPoint objects starting from texts and images and ending with SmartArts and trigger animations. iSpring Pro lets you easily manage presentation structure, all multimedia and playback options. iSpring allow you to publish your presentation as a SCORM-compliant e-learning course, single .SWF file with HTML-code for embedding it on web-page or blog.

With iSpring Pro you able to easily - add and synchronize video and audio narrations, - personalize a player by adding presenters' info and company logo, - protect presentation with password, watermark or domain restriction, - create SCORM/AICC compliant content for integration with any Learning Management System (LMS), integrate Flash presentation with iSpring Online for delivery and advanced tracking online.

Best on the market PowerPoint to Flash conversion quality, support almost all PowerPoint animations and slide transitions, protection options such as custom watermark, password protection and time restriction.

People who professionally creates e-learning courses, such as instructional designers, or sales people who want to promote something using online presentations, teachers

"Good tool"

if you don't a programmer and Flash was not your specialization i recommend you this tool, because it creates high quality Flash movies from PowerPoint presentation.

  • ease of use
  • save powepoint effects

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23 May 2011

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